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Canada is a geographically massive country, but has a relatively small population of approximately 32,000,000. Canada is also one of the most culturally diverse nations on the planet. In the province of Ontario alone, well over 25% of the population is foreign-born.

Canada's government is a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth I I as the official head-of-state. In reality, however, her power is extremely limited and she serves almost entirely as a figurehead.

Canada's government is based on the Westminster parliamentary model. This means Canada has a Prime Minister acting as the executive of government-the leader of the party with the most seats in the House of Commons. Opposition parties in Canada are vibrant, and political participation is encouraged.

Canada was founded on with a unique blend of English and French cultures. As such, both languages enjoy official status throughout the country. Canadians are entitled to receive federal government services in English of French anywhere in the country.

Although English and French are the only two official languages in Canada, countless other languages are spoken on the streets and in homes. Almost every language and culture in the world can find some representation, and a home, in Canada.

Canada's large cities, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary, all have unique styles, climates, economies and cultural characteristics. Toronto is a large cosmopolitan center often compared to New York. Montreal is a bohemian, bilingual city with a thriving cultural scene and European flavor. Vancouver is sometimes called "city of glass" for its scenic natural setting and glittering glass architecture. Calgary is an economic success story, and the centre of the booming Canadian oil industry.

Canada is in the enviable position of having a rich natural resource base on which to base its economy, with the oil, timber and mining industries driving the economy. Canada's manufacturing and service sectors are also highly advanced. Canada's technology, research, and pharmaceuticals sector are world-class, and it is a world leader in biotechnology, telecommunication and aerospace engineering.

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