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Since our establishment five years ago, Niagara Falls Immigration & Educational Consultancy has assisted over 2300 clients, both students and migrants, to travel abroad to Canada and other countries. Over 750 applicants have successfully relocated to Canada and elsewhere as a consequence of our efforts. In continuation to our commitment to support more clients, we are happy to announce that now we are accepting applicants to Australia too. Whether you are looking to travel for higher studies or migration, we are the perfect source for all the information and assistance you will need to successfully achieve your goals.

To further our promise to you for a successful transition in a foreign country, we also provide language, hospitality and other necessary trainings through our sister organization, Universal Training Centre in Kathmandu. At Universal, we also provide tuition services to +2 and Bachelorís students to strengthen their grades, and improve their skill sets.

We must emphasize again on the fact that we are experienced and qualified individuals to help you through all the steps involved in successful visa application, migration and establishment in Canada and Australia. By providing all the services under one roof, we make it a convenient and smooth experience for you in all regards.

Our core values:

  • Provide unconditional support to our clients
  • Establish trust and bond with our customers
  • Deliver exceptional customer service
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